Mole Group are one of the most experienced drilling firms in the UK. We use the latest Moling technology and offer all our services throughout Chester and nearby Cheshire, Wirral & North Wales areas.

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Garden Drainage

If you are worried about a water-logged garden and are struggling to find a solution then Mole Group can help. We will help identify the factors contributing to your drainage problems and provide you with a unique and bespoke solution. Depending on your problem we will either install a soakaway system, a drainage slump, or a garden drainage pump. Whatever we install you can guarantee that it will be the right solution for you!


We use steerable, surface-launched moling technology which is precise to within 25mm. We are also one of the only UK companies to use dry drilling rigs, which helps us to minimise damage to the surface around the drilling areas. With all our moling work (domestic or commercial) we will always try to minimise road and traffic disruption. We also try an be environmentally friendly wherever possible and have recently started to install energy saving devices underground.

Pipe Repair

At Mole Group we have a real area of expertise in fixing leaking pipes. Underground leaks should always be looked out for, and at Mole Group we will help identify the direct source of such leaks. We can repair any leaks using moling and directional drilling technology – this will stop any destruction or scarring of your garden.

The signs to look out for in potential leaks include abnormal noises coming from taps or a water meter, water logging in your garden or garden borders, or inadequate water flow to household appliances.

If you are concerned about a potential leak in your garden then contact us today to see how we can help you.

Water Mains

Any pipes below your house are owned by you – it is therefore important they are kept in good condition. If you are experiencing inadequate water flow in your home it could be a sign of ageing pipes under-performing.

At Mole Group we specialise in water pipe renewals (and have done since 1989!)

We will replace any water pipes efficiently and professionally using state of the art technology. If you have any sort of lead piping underneath your home then it is vital to get this replaced as it could damage your health.

If you need to learn more about any of the above services that we can provide in Chester and surrounding areaas, please contact us today.

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