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Garden Drainage

No two drainage problems are the same! That’s why we find out what’s causing the issue first, before implementing the right solution – whether that’s a drainage sump, pump or soakaway sytem.

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Moling is a precise way of drilling underground that minimises damage to the surface, whilst getting the job done. We’ve been moling since 1989 and are one of the most experienced moling companies in the UK.

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Pipe Repair

It’s not always simple to find the source of water pooling above ground, or the faint sound of running water you can hear when taps are turned off. We have more than 30 years experience in finding and fixing leaking and burst underground pipes. We can also replace pipes, and guarantee our work for 25 years.

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Water Mains

We’ve carried out around 16,000 Water Pipes Renewals, which is a lot of pipes! The pipes underneath your house are part of your property, and so need to be kept in good condition so they continue to perform. We can replace Water Mains and take care of applications and certification from the Water Authority on your behalf.

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