Garden Drain Installation in Upton, Wirral

Lots of people have been in touch frustrated that areas of their garden are out of bounds due to flooding. At Mole Group, we can offer bespoke garden drainage solutions. We were contacted by a family in Upton, Wirral (not far from Birkenhead) who really needed a solution to their problem garden with a large area of pooling. Having small children and a dog, the soggy garden was beginning to create a real problem. We evaluated the factors contributing to the problem and designed a long term solution - this is essential as all locations are different and a “one size fits all” method is not effective. When Mole Group installs a pumped garden drainage solution, we pride ourselves on minimum disruption and mess and always ensure we leave the garden tidy. The garden pump and ‘French drains’ were installed within two days and with the pump working successfully the reinstatement was completed. Take a look at the photos below to see the work being carried out and how the site was left. Customer feedback is always welcome and customer satisfaction is top of our priorities. We contacted the family a month later and they are extremely happy. The garden drainage installation has completely solved their soggy garden problem and for the first time in a long time the children have been able to play out.
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