Custom Garden Drainage solutions from mole group

Because one size doesn’t fit all! Off the shelf garden drainage systems are unlikely to solve your problem

All problem gardens are assessed individually for a bespoke solution taking into account all the potential contributory factors. Often what you think is the cause of a waterlogged garden is actually just a knock on effect from problems elsewhere. Mole Group has extensive experience of diagnosing garden drainage problems and identifiying the causes of waterlogged ground.

Only once we understand the effects of variations of soil types / inclines / locations / grass / moss / sunshine will we specifically design a drainage solution and work on installing garden drainage. That system may involve a soakaway system, a drainage sump, a garden drainage pump – but you can rest assured that it will be the right solution to your drainage problems.

Generic garden drainage systems are simply not as effective as custom garden drainage solutions from Mole Group.

Reclaim your garden!

Poor garden drainage is a major problem. Waterlogged gardens can be unuseable for significant periods of time, and a soggy garden is no fun for anyone! Download our Garden Drainage System Leaflet for more information.

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  • Topography / lay of the land
  • Positioning relative to inclines
  • Concreted or patio areas
  • Poor guttering on outhouse, greenhouses etc.
  • Soil type, particularly heavy clay
  • Sunshine and shade
  • Grass and moss
  • Changes to neighbouring areas


  • Holding water, specifically in borders or low points of the lawn
  • Moss on the lawn
  • Marsh grass on the lawn
  • Waterlogged ground!




The standard of work is extremely good and your helpful and polite operatives worked long and hard in sometimes atrocious weather. We cannot speak too highly of them and we are extremely pleased with the result. Hopefully, our drainage problems are now a thing of the past.”

Geoff & Anne Knight, North Wales


I wanted to tell you how pleased I have been with the way your lads did the work on putting in my land drain. I don’t think I have had any work done for me which has been done so neatly and with so little fuss. On Monday I was able to cut the lawn with the lawn mower for the first time since last August – only strimmers have been possible since then. I had a real sense of achievement and am extremely optimistic about the potential of my garden from now on.”

Miss Cooper, Wirral


Your lads are a credit to you. They worked hard and were informative but not intrusive throughout the job. The manager who looked at the job initially analysed the causes of our boggy garden and the system is great, I wish we’d had this done sooner.”

Mr Young, Cheshire



Does Mole’s system include a French drain or soakaway?

Sometimes we install a French drain with our system but it is not always necessary. In many parts of the country soakaways do not work, for example in clay-based soils the water would be held like in a bowl and this can make the problem worse.

Find out more about soakaways here.

How does your system work?

It is our own unique pumped system which costs little over a penny a day to run. Water is filtered and excess water is discharged into the existing drain system.

Do you follow the herringbone layout of French drains?

No. The herringbone layout is a “one size fits all” fix which does not address the specific elements of each site. As engineers we look for the causes of the situation in order to affect a long term resolution – sometimes that involves using a herringbone layout, but sometimes it will be a different system that will give you the best results.

How long after installation will my garden take to dry out?

It varies depending on weather, severity and time of year, but you should start to see an immediate improvement and a reduction in standing water.

Mole Group are expert garden drainage engineers

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