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Problems with leaking pipes?

Leaks can become a very serious issue leading to material damage, increased consumption and a reduction in water pressure. Telltale signs that you have a leak on your underground pipework could be water pooling above ground, your water meter whizzing round, faint sound of running water even with taps are turned off or possibly some discoloured water when you first turn the tap on.

  • Burst or leaking black alkathene pipes neatly repaired;
  • Burst or leaking blue mdpe (medium density poly ethylene) pipes neatly repaired;
  • Surface repair made good as close to original as damage caused by leak will allow.


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If you have a water meter fitted outside your home, follow the steps below to check for a leak:

  1. Locate your external meter – it is usually fitted to the outside stop valve located either in your garden, driveway or footpath.
  2. Stop using water in the property – remember to turn off all water-using appliances, such as your washing machine and dishwasher.
  3. Turn off the inside stop valve – this can usually be found under the kitchen sink.
  4. Take a meter reading, including the digits in the red dials. If the dial is still recording water use, please double check that everything is switched off and there are no toilet cisterns filling up.
  5. Leave the stop valve shut and read the meter half an hour later. If the reading has changed, you may have a leak.

Alternatively, turn off any noisy appliances in the kitchen, put your ear on cold mains tap and listen carefully for a noise that sounds like a toilet cistern filling – this can be an indication of a leak.



I honestly did not expect the surface repair to look that neat, I expected something patched up but at least dry. Many thanks to the team.”

Mr Ainsworth, Cheshire


Thank you for attending to the burst pipe so promptly and for the speedy repair. As a landlord I need to keep my tenants happy, I would definitely use you again, I just hope I don’t have to!”

Mr Mealor, Wirral


I was very impressed by the response to my call on behalf of my mother who had a burst pipe at her property. The customer care given by your engineer was superb and I would not hesitate in recommending your company for its quick and efficient response and a job well done.”

Mrs Hughes, Wirral



How can you tell exactly where a below ground leak is coming from?

You can’t! The water can track underground for quite some distance from where it appears above ground – we will find the leak either using sounding equipment, or locate the rough area of the leak and renew the pipe trenchlessly (using moling or directional drilling), avoiding the need to precisely locate the leak.

What if the leak is not accessible?

We’d renew the leaking section of pipe by running a new pipe on a different route, trenchlessly where possible.

What if the leak turns out to be a bigger job than it first looked?

We’ll make sure that our quote is the most cost-effective solution, and with more than 30 years in the business we know how to get it right! For example, if your current pipe is an old lead pipe we’ll always almost advise a new pipe, and we guarantee our work for 25 years.

Can I get the leak repaired using my home insurance?

Usually only if you can prove that it’s been caused by a third party.

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