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poor pressure?

With washing machines, power showers and central heating systems needing water, old supplies (often Lead) do not provide an adequate flow due to a smaller bore. This poor pressure can be increased through the installation of a greater internal diameter pipe of 25mm.

As a standard regulation we install a minimum of 25mm, though we are able to install 32mm or above! We are fully accredited and self-certified, which means we are trusted to install our pipework to regulation standards.

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Is the external pipe work the Water Board’s responsibility?

Afraid not, the underground water pipe from the valve in the pavement leading to and entering your house is your responsibility. When you bought your house, you bought the pipe!

How long will I be without water?

Usually 15 minutes.

What about mess inside and outside my house?

All excavations are backfilled and reinstated. Our operatives clean up after each job as part of a day’s work and take their boots off to work inside.

What do I need to do regarding the Water Authority?

Nothing, we make the applications and acquire certification on your behalf.

Can Mole Group improve my mains water pressure?

We can’t guarantee an improvement in mains pressure without coming out to site, but particularly where we replace lead pipes with plastic we invariably see improvements in water pressure and flow rate, sometimes by as much as 500%

Mole Group are specialist water pipe replacement engineers

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