Additional Feed for Garage Installed, Meols, Wirral

A returning customer for Mole Home Services. After having the incoming water feed replaced a few years prior, the customer was now looking to tee into the incoming water main and take a feed to the garage, some 30m+ away.

After completing a site visit it was apparent that the route would include several surfaces, including block paving, Indian sandstone, crazy pave, grass and of course travel under the porch. In addition to this there was also a drain running parallel to the route.

Once a date was agreed, the team set out and completed the installation in just 1 day! This included excavating on the main, installing a T-junction, and moling approx. 33m to the garage, bringing the supply in with an INSUduct riser box. All areas were reinstated to our usual high standard and the customer was more than happy with the works.