Draining a waterlogged garden in Hooton, Wirral

This customer contacted Mole Home Services as the drainage in their garden was poor. We completed a site survey following a Google Earth costing and our report highlighted that the garden was very waterlogged and the clay soil was preventing water draining away due to its dense properties. We advised the installation of our pump system at the lowest point of the lawn and a ring main of French drains.

We booked the works in and the Mole Home Services team got to work.

On site, it was noted that there appeared to be an underground stream running under the lawn. We made sure the French drain trenches were extra deep to allow water to be transported directly into the pump to be discharged away from the garden.

Works were completed in one of the worst weeks regarding rain/snow frost but, rain or shine, our team completed the works to the highest standard and left a very happy customer. Now they have a garden suitable for year-round use.

This installation consisted of 1 pump and pit and 37m of French Drains.

The ground was backfilled with topsoil and sand to encourage grass regrowth throughout the springtime.