Garden Drainage – Frodsham

Installing French drains and a pump to solve garden drainage issues

A wet summer can be great news for gardeners, with many enthusiasts seeing spectacular blooms and extensive plant growth this year. The bad news, though, is that many gardens have also become waterlogged and, in some cases, flooded. Fixing garden drainage is a priority, especially at properties where the excess water is close to the house.

A homeowner in Frodsham had noticed over the past few months her garden becoming more and more waterlogged as rain persisted over the past few months. As a pool of water started to collect near to the house, she decided it was time to find out what was happening. As a previous happy customer of Mole Home Services – calling us in several years ago to replace a water pipe at the front of her house, we were her first (and only!) point of call.

We asked the client to send us images of the situation in their waterlogged garden to enable us to make a quick diagnosis. Suspecting that garden drainage rather than a structural issue was the problem, our engineer conducted an on-site survey within the week and, following acceptance of the quote, we started work in a few days.

The site report showed us that the house was in the middle of three which had a slight incline and excess water was mainly collecting and pooling in the back garden in the flower borders. We recommended installing a pump at the lowest point in the rear garden, with French drains running from the right-hand side to catch the water as it enters.

Whist working, we determined some of the French drain on the original plan was not required and an additional couple of meters needed to be installed in another location. We revised the plan and agreed with the customer and completed the work within three days. Even from the start of working to resolve the garden drainage, the new installed pump kicked in several times and pumped out around 1500L of water!

If your garden is waterlogged and you would like us to fix your garden drainage problems, get in touch!

What the Customer said – “Fabulous all-around service, excellent”