Garden Drainage – Moreton

We’ve been busy this Summer helping homeowners fix their flooded gardens.

It’s been an especially wet July and August and all this rain has caused lots of surface water – so we’ve been hard at work solving garden drainage problems across the Wirral and Merseyside.

Most of our enquiries come via our website, recommendations or from meeting us at events but, as our HQ is located near to the residential areas of Moreton, Meols and Leasowe, sometimes we get walk ins!

Our client in nearby Moreton visited our office to discuss their flooded garden. They already knew about the advantages of properly installed garden drainage as a family member had invested in our services previously.

July had been a particularly wet month, with parts of the Wirral and Cheshire receiving almost twice the average rainfall for the month compared to previous years.

We attended the site to carry out a survey the next day and found the driveway and garden under a layer of standing water.

We mobilised and got to work installing French drains and a pump to collect and redirect the water to the household drainage system. While the garden appeared to be reasonably flat, there was a slight slope towards the house which was causing water to pool in the lower levels. The owners were worried about the possibility of water entering the house so, with more rain forecast, they were keen to tackle to problem quickly.

We installed 15 meters of French drains to catch the water at the mid point and channel away from the house and patio. As soon as we began work the water started to flow into the drains, demonstrating the effectiveness of the system from the outset. At it happened the day of the work was one of the wettest on record, with rain continuing to fall but we continued with the installation and completed the job.

We installed an outside socket to provide power to the pump and replaced all of the grass where possible – reseeding where needed.

Mole Home Services have a range of solutions to garden drainage problems – on this occasion French drains were the answer but we make our recommendation based on the specific location and layout of your garden, and our many years of experience. Call us today to discuss your needs.