Garden Drainage using French Drain, Birkenhead

We were contacted by a customer in Birkenhead who was having issues with the back of their lawn area which was rather boggy. After receiving our proposal and information on how our system works, they got back in touch to arrange a site survey.

Our lead engineer had visited and they had discussed the installation without a pump, but we did not think this would be guaranteed to work. We therefore provided an estimate for the installation of our recommended pump system at the lowest point of the garden where
the pooling is at its worst. This will not only remove surface water, but also reduce the water table within that area. We also recommended the installation of 17 meters of French drains to catch water ingress falling from the patio area and incorporating the existing
drainage into our system.

The customer, following a chat with our MD, accepted our recommendation and we booked the job in within a few days. Despite poor weather during the works we were able to complete the work whilst keeping the site as clean and tidy as possibly using protective boards and plastic sheeting.

On completion the French drains are working effectively transporting the water to the sump system, and using a concealed lid for the system means that as the grass grows back the drainage system will be completely invisible. All ground was reinstated and the areas which where slightly patchy were covered with topsoil and grass seed. The block paving was all cleaned before leaving too.

Our customer was very happy with the works and we hope to hear from them in the next couple of months to see how the system is getting on.