How the United Utilities Lead Pipe Replacement Scheme helped this customer in Formby

After an initial phone conversation, we learned that the customer was undergoing some kitchen renovations and wanted to remove all lead pipework coming into the property. We recommended the customer apply with United Utilities Lead Replacement Scheme so they would be eligible for the £550 grant they have available.

We followed on from this with a Google Earth Survey where an estimated cost was provided, then proceeded with a site visit. After our quote was accepted a date was scheduled for the works.

We were able to mole 16 meters of 25mm MDPE pipework from the footpath into the property in a 110mm preinsulated duct, terminating with a stop tap and drain off. The supply was connected to the cold feed internally and at the property boundary externally. All the excavations were reinstated with the existing flags and new concrete.

The certificate for the works was then sent away to the waterboard to release the grant payment directly to the customer. As we are WIAPS approved plumbers, our works do not need to be inspected making a swifter process for our customers.