Leaking pipework under Pressed Concrete , Replacement Waterpipe, Applethorne, Warrington

Mole Home Services were contacted by the customer following complaints of a leaking waterpipe. United Utilities had contacted them to let them know there was particularly high water usage at the property.

We completed an online Google earth survey and provided the customer with an initial costing. It was noted that the driveway was pressed concrete.

Pressed concrete driveways can be very expensive to install. We would always recommend having pipework renewed before having the driveway laid, reinstatements can be difficult and often the incoming utilities run parallel with each other which can cause problems.

We proceeded with a site visit and a route was determined to avoid any excavations in the driveway. The area was further checked for any incoming utilities.

Following the site visit the works were planned in. We completed a 7 meter mole shot of 25mm MDPE pipework, this ran from the external stop tap in to the garage. From the garage a further 7 meters of 25mm pipework ran to the internal cold water feed where we terminated with a 25x15mm stop tap and drain off.

All works were completed to WRAS standard and the customer was provided with a WIAPS certificate. As WIAPS approved plumbers, our works do not need to be inspected by the water authority.