Poor Pressure, Waterpipe Replacement, Scunthorpe

The customer had contacted Mole Home Services after dealing with poor pressure in the property for long enough.

We proceeded with a remote survey. This indicated that an INSUduct Riser box would be required to bring the pipework into the property to avoid removing the kitchen units.

An INSUduct riser box is of WRAS standard, and it enables engineers to bring the pipework in above ground level in difficult locations or where the property sits at a higher level than the ground outside. The box is fully insulated to prevent the pipework from freezing.

Once a date was agreed with the customer the works where scheduled in. We arrived at the property and completed a brief survey to confirm the details of the remote survey.

We proceeded to mole 12 meters of 25mm MDPE pipework under the block paved drive and into the property using the INSUduct box. The pipework was connected to the existing cold feed with a 25x22mm stop tap and drain off, then connected externally to the mains stop tap which had recently been upgraded by Anglian water.

All grounds were reinstated, and the site cleared within the day. A second visit was required to brush in some kiln dried sand as the weather on the day had prevented this.