Submersible Pump and French Drain Installation, Leatherhead

Mole Home Services were contacted to assist with the poor drainage of the rear lawn of the property. The customer had included some photographs which showed ankle deep flooding.

After sending over some initial costings, we proceeded with a site visit. The site visit, completed by our MD, David, highlighted that the issues causing the poor drainage were predominately down to the height difference, as the rear of the lawn was much lower than the surrounding properties and the house. The secondary factor was the presence on clay soil. Clay is notorious for causing waterlogging due to its dense properties.

We advised to install a submersible pump at the lowest point of the lawn and French Drains around the perimeter to catch water as it enters the garden and transport it to the pump to be discharged away.

As the bottom of the lawn had been submerged for some time, the ground was not suitable for reinstating. The customer had requested the area be covered with 20mm washed stone which would further help water filter through to the pump.