Water Pipe Replacement, Derbyshire

A customer contacted Mole Home Services to complete works as part of a larger home renovation project. We were asked to quote to replace the existing line to a larger pipe size to increase the flow at the property.

We provided a quote for 32mm pipework based on a google earth survey. We proceeded to a site survey with David attending. We noted that all of the utilities were on route and we would need to CAT the area to avoid them. The customer also explained that the larger pipe was required due to there being an unvented boiler system installed. This requires the maximum flow rate possible to work efficiently.

Engineers later attended the property to install 25m of 32mm MDPE pipework at the property. Engineers confidently replaced the existing 15mm copper.

On this occasion we required the attendance from Severn Trent, due to the upgraded connection. The pipework was left capped internally and externally as per waterboards standard. A WIAPS certificate was issued to the water board and a copy sent direct to the customer.